The era of AI-first products

AI is changing the world in beautiful ways. Entropy tells the story of modern AI and those who are building the future.

About Me

My name is Fraser. I’ve been involved in AI since 2015, first as co-founder and ceo of an AI startup that was acquired by Airbnb and then as OpenAI’s head of product. I’ve helped build AI products that have been used by millions of people, deployed our AI stack across Airbnb, wrote OpenAI’s first product roadmap, and led the teams that shipped DALL-E and ChatGPT.

About Entropy

Entropy is an experiment. Through written essays, interviews, and podcasts I aim to tell the story of modern AI. By sharing how we got to this point and the future that founders are building, I hope to make sense of what’s happening and highlight the benefits of this remarkable technology.

Invest in AI-First Startups

Developers are the most creative artists of our generation. With AI, they have the ability to create profound products. I’m investing in founders building AI-first products and the tools that enable them. Inspired by MCJ I may start a rolling venture fund. If you’re interested in investing in OpenAI alumni and other remarkable founders building with AI please see this form.

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The story of modern AI and those building the future.